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Cramer Design is not only famous and renowned for providing its house renovation, extension, improvement, and building services but also for its property subdivision process and services in the marketplace under affordable prices.

Subdivision is a popular way to tackle financial issues regarding your property. The process is difficult and lengthy, but Cramer design is here to support you in this process, and you can always rely on us to work in your best interest.
As property subdivision involves designing a local development framework that meets your city’s/local community’s planning policy and complies with the laws that govern this domain, also known as the the Rescode. Local laws differ from council to council, meaning that the proposal for a subdivision one council will not be supported by another council which is why it is important to involve professionals with local knowledge before you set sail on this difficult and rather complex journey. It is quite difficult to get one council to work with another to allow subdivisions, but it is true to say that processes vary from one place to another, that is why you can rely on Cramer Design as we have ample local knowledge and experience for different cities and suburbs along with experience to work with different councils to work on property subdivision issues.

As an owner who benefits from the value of the redesigned property, it is important to know that you will have to pay a fee to connect the newly constructed block/building, sanitation, electricity and water infrastructure before selling the land. This connection process and cost will not be passed on to the new property buyer; the link process must be completed before the new title for said division is released. Cramer Design will be by your side every step of the process effectively to save time to complete the project. You can benefit from our proven strategies and an experienced team to help you take care of all the details related to land redistribution and the development of your property. If you have vacant space on your property that you don’t use, we can help you to subdivide it or have it invested in a large plot of land suitable for units, townhouse or multiple residential units with an urban road plan that will be appropriate for your financial needs. We specialize in existing and leased developers, giving everyone the opportunity to categorize their assets, whether they are owners-residents or investors in the area wanting to grow their portfolio.
We understand that various factors must be considered when allocating land or buildings including local prices to determine if the project will be profitable. You will also need help in knowing the costs and infrastructure links associated with the Council upon completion of the subdivision. We can provide you with an active development system to achieve the highest value of land. Developers are also wary of any feature of the site and such as trees and shrubs, as they may hinder the possibility of landslides but you can depend on Cramer Design to handle all the matters for you from start to finish as we will keep you updated every step of the way.

So, contact us now and book your appointment. Moreover, explore our website further to get more details about our property subdivision process and services. Cramer Design is your ideal partner for property subdivision!

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